An Overview of the Ohlhoff Recovery Programs, by Peter Berkov

A noted systems administrator at MarketLive, Inc., in Petaluma, California, Peter Berkov supports an array of charities and nonprofit organizations across the Bay Area, including Henry Ohlhoff Recovery Programs. Berkov also contributes to the Angel Island Association, California Academy of Sciences, and Yosemite National Park.

In 1958, Henry Ohlhoff established a nonprofit home exclusively for working men recovering from alcoholism in San Francisco. Nearly two decades later, the Ohlhoff Outpatient Program was initiated to help the full spectrum of people with substance abuse and eating disorders. Still centered in the Bay Area, Ohlhoff Recovery Programs continues to offer high-quality treatment to those with chemical dependencies and eating disorders. Below is a brief overview of the organization’s specific programs:

Skip Byron Primary Program: Located at the site of the original Henry Ohlhoff House, the Skip Byron Primary Program offers 30 days of clinical treatment designed to facilitate the beginning stages of recovery. Patients who are admitted must be sober for at least 24 hours and not require medical detoxification. Every patient who enters the program receives a personalized treatment plan, dedicated psychiatric care, and one-on-one counseling. The program also provides access to recreational activities, nutrition education, 12-Step programs, and relapse prevention. Following completion of the program, patients also receive access to aftercare services.

Men’s Residential Program: Functioning in a similar fashion as the flagship Henry Ohlhoff House, the Men’s Residential Program provides a strong social structure to people recovering from addiction. As the men in the program are fully employed, treatment is available on nights and weekends. Each installment of the program lasts for six months, with the possibility of an additional six-month extension. The Men’s Residential Program is available in Marin County and San Francisco.

Outpatient Programs: Henry Ohlhoff Recovery Programs has developed two separate outpatient treatment plans, one for adults and the other for adolescents, both of which are available exclusively in San Francisco. Both of the programs contain the same core components, such as counseling, family therapy, education, and outpatient care. The outpatient programs are divided into equal parts outpatient treatment and aftercare. The adult program runs for 26 weeks total while the adolescent program lasts for 16 weeks.


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