Greenpeace Meets with Democratic Party’s Platform Committee

Greenpeace pic
Greenpeace pic

With more than a decade of experience working in telecommunications and IT, Peter Berkov is employed as a system administrator for Marketlive Inc., located in Petaluma, California. When not in the office, Peter Berkov helps several nonprofit organizations, one of which is Greenpeace.

Begun in 1971, Greenpeace strives to expose global environmental issues through creative communication and peaceful protests. Members of Greenpeace expose environmental issues and seek to hold accountable those responsible for actions taken that harm the environment. It seeks to secure a green and peaceful future, hence the organization’s name.

In June 2016, members of Greenpeace testified before the Democratic Party’s Platform Committee in Phoenix, Arizona. Greenpeace communications director and democracy team leader Molly Dorozenski testified before the committee and asked that they commit to supporting several campaign finance and voting rights reforms. She also asked that they keep fossil fuels in the ground and hold fossil fuel firms responsible for deceiving the public about climate change. The group also seeks to reverse the trend of politicians being influenced by powerful and wealthy individuals and companies. By meeting with the platform committee, Greenpeace furthered its January pledge in which it asked all presidential candidates to refuse future campaign contributions from fossil fuel businesses and hence to restore the power of the vote to the people.


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